Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Portrait Framed Prints - Fun & Fabulous!

These amazing framed prints are for Lisa.  The prints measure 24"x36" and 20"x30" - sans frames.  Add the frames and they are... well... substantial.   And stunning.  They'll command a lot of real estate on Lisa's wall and will make an impact on anyone that sees them.   But most importantly, every time Lisa and her family sees these framed prints they will remember that specific moment in time.  A precious, fleeting moment in their young lives never to be repeated... but also a moment in their lives never to be forgotten, thanks in part to these beautiful framed prints.

(If you're curious to see more from this family portrait session you can link to my original blog post from a few months ago here - Family Session)

Mitchel Wu Photography offers custom framed prints in nearly any size.  And with thirty beautiful frames to choose from you can be assured of finding a frame that complements any room and decor.

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