Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Los Angeles Family Photographer - The Family Portrait

What do I love about being a Los Angeles family photographer?  It's several things, actually.  But primarily I love having the opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon with an amazing family... getting to know them and seeing firsthand the unique dynamics that make them the family they are.  And then capturing that.  There are as many different types of families as there are different types of people... each family has its own personality.  The family I photographed last weekend could be summed up in one word... FUN!  It was two hours of joking around and laughing.  They ribbed and teased each other as only close siblings could.  And their laughter and energy was infectious!  By the end of the session they had me spinning in circles and climbing up trees.  Literally.

I posted a teaser to this session a couple days ago.  Enjoy the full set!

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  1. I LOVE the ones where the older girl in in the trees and the others are leaning against them...very nice!!!