Friday, March 20, 2015

Los Angeles Real Estate Photography

Los Angeles Real Estate, Architectural and Interior Photography by Mitchel Wu

I recently photographed this property for Los Angeles real estate professional, Lisa Kaul.  This is a recent David Spinelli/Callas Shortridge Architects remodel of a 1070 square foot house, built in Los Angeles in 1954.  The remodel was absolutely stunning, but the challenge with photographing any house this size is how to make it appear spacious, airy and inviting. I spent 90 minutes photographing the interior and exterior using existing/ambient light augmented with off-camera strobes.  I used several different lenses, each chosen for the specific look and feel I was after.  My goal was to capture the objective elements of the home as well as its more implied elements, elements that would capture and convey its essence and warmth.  These implied elements are what ultimately would be perceived as 'The Home.'

I've built my reputation on providing the highest level of personalized service to my clients, while delivering the highest caliber work.  I shoot with Canon professional gear and always arrive to assignments on time, with a full range of backup gear.  I respect my clients' time and take every necessary step to ensure assignments are completed on schedule.  In addition, I am fully insured for the benefit and safety of my clients.

Using up to five separate off-camera strobes that are triggered wirelessly enables me to control the light in very challenging environments.  After the shoot, I use the latest cutting edge photo processing and editing software - tools that allow me to provide my clients with stunning images in a timely manner.

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Mitchel Wu Photography - Los Angeles Real Estate Photography
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Santa Clarita Senior Portraits

Santa Clarita Senior Portraits by Mitchel Wu Photography.

Mitchel Wu Photography - Capturing Southern California Life, Love and Laughter.  
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