Friday, April 1, 2011

Kay & Trey Wedding at the University Club

It was so amazing to be able to end the week on a high note... that note being Kay & Trey's beautiful wedding at the historic University Club in Pasadena.  I LOVED shooting at this venue... so many opportunities to create beautiful images.  Well, honestly, with a couple as beautiful as Kay & Trey I could have created stunning images in the parking lot of Albertsons!

The month of March had been one of the wettest on record.  So the question of the day was, would it rain? Normally this is of little consequence to most people but this day was Kay and Trey's wedding.  Kay planned an intimate courtyard ceremony so the question loomed large.   Should she risk it or should she play it safe and move the ceremony indoors?  You'll see what she decided as you look at the photos.

Thank you , Kay & Trey, for letting Rachel and I be a part of your amazing day.

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  1. Awesome photographs! Kay and Trey must be very excited about their wedding photos. Great job!