Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Creative Process

Yesterday was one of those perfect days that was filled with art - creating it, looking at it, talking about it, breathing it. Rachel got busy on the potter's wheel creating bowls for an upcoming solo gallery exhibition... traditionally thrown bowls which will be used in a very nontraditional way. Angie, in the meantime, put acrylic paint to canvas on a piece she's been working on for an upcoming competition. An amazing day of creating art was followed by an evening of appreciating art as we attended an art opening in Santa Monica. It's amazing how a day focused on art lets one see art everywhere they look. It's like walking out of a dark room into the light... your eyes adjust and you begin to see everything - details, textures, angles and compositions. Objects that are normally mundane and overlooked take on new meaning. It's like seeing things for the first time.

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