Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gallery Opening

Last night we attended a group show opening that Rachel is participating in. It was held at the PS Zask Gallery in Palos Verdes and was curated by Tracey Weiss (great job, Tracey!).

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A shot of Rachel's work in the PS Zask Gallery: On the left wall, "nonconFORM." Left center, "Rebirth." Right center (three hanging strands), "DNA (Don't Nudge Art)." And right (hanging form), "Who Knows."

There was a great variety of work to see and very good turnout.

Rachel and Oxnard College colleague and friend, Janet Neuwalder

Rachel and Angie with Joe and Patricia Brandon.

Some nice wide angle distortion... Angie and I never tire of creating "big head" photos!

The end of another fantastic event.

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