Saturday, August 6, 2016

Toy Photography // IAmElemental Toys

Excited to share my first photo in a series for IAmElemental Toys (IAE).  These are among the first action figures designed and created for girls. As their website says, "If you give a girl a different toy she will tell a different story." Having a daughter myself, I really respect what IAE is doing.  I just wish IAE was around when my daughter was younger.  I know my daughter would have played with these over Polly Pockets or My Little Pony any day!  If you have a young daughter, or even son, you should check these out.  The series is based on the Periodic Table, but instead of chemical elements, the figures are based on the various elements of Courage. Pretty damn cool! Check them out at!

Los Angeles Toy Photography by Mitchel Wu Photography
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