Monday, July 20, 2015

Canyons Aquatic Summer Sectionals

The Summer Sectionals in Santa Clarita was a challenging swim meet to pull off because of record rains and lightening.  But in the end, the meet admins and volunteers rallied and all races were successfully completed.  A number of swimmers achieved Olympic Trial cuts, and the overall speed of the swimming was blazing fast.

Additional photos of the swimmers featured here can be viewed upon request - professional quality prints in various sizes are available.  Or contact to set up a swim photo session for you or your competitive swimmer. 

Mitchel Wu Photography - Capturing Southern California Competitive Swimming
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     Ian Brower

     Nikol Popov

     Abbey Weitzeil

     Tanner Olson

     Mikayla Ranslem

     Peter Kropp

     Alexis Skorus-Neely

     Thunder storms approaching the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center

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