Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years On The Beach - Ventura Children Photography

We just had the most memorable new years ever thanks to our good friends Jeff and Laura and their twin girls Chloe and Camryn. They invited us to camp with them in their new trailer at Rincon Beach, just south of Santa Barbara. All of the comforts of home literally feet from the Pacific Ocean. In fact, at high tide the waves were lapping at our feet. One wave in particular doused our morning campfire - we were that close. The kids had an incredible time on the beach. The weather was in the low 70s so they were able to romp around in the waves in their swimming suits. The tide-pooling was excellent as well. We spotted countless pelicans and a pair of dolphins just beyond the waves. Rachel created her trademark sand spirals and of course we both created rock sculptures... which the high tides loved to topple over. The sunsets were nothing short of spectacular. The sunset photos above are straight out of the camera - no digital color enhancement. Southern Californian winters are magical.

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  1. Looks like a perfect trip, the sunset shots are beautiful!