Sunday, October 18, 2009

Take a Hike!

Here are a few pics from a hike we recently took at Rice Canyon in the Santa Susana Mountains on the western edge of Santa Clarita. The hike started at an elevation of around 1400 feet and ended near the ridge at 2600 feet. We took the East Canyon Trail which ends at a huge old oak tree overlooking the entire Santa Clarita Valley - a great place to enjoy a well-deserved picnic lunch and savor the views (and try to spot our house, unsuccessfully). We hiked through three species of oak, California bay laurel, black walnut, big leaf maples and a myriad of wildflowers. Then, at around 2500 feet, you enter a different world of bigcone Douglas Firs. Some of our best days are spent hiking and this was no exception!

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