Sunday, March 28, 2010

Walking The Orange Carpet

Yesterday was Angie's third Nickelodeon's Kid Choice Awards. If you're not familiar with the KCAs just imagine a loud, irreverent Academy Awards for kids with viewership in the hundreds of millions around the world. While trying to make our way into UCLA's Pauley Pavillion for the show we somehow zigged when we clearly should have zagged and found ourselves walking the orange carpet (Nickelodeon is all about orange!) with the likes of Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith (Will Smith's kid), gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White and too many Nick and Disney teen stars to list. Sooooo, that was a first.

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Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White

Jackie Chan, who stars in the new Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith (Will Smith's kid)

The Golden Ticket

On the Orange Carpet

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trump National Wedding

Photographed a fantabulous wedding with friend and fellow photographer William Innes at the stunning Trump National Golf Course in Palos Verdes. The rainy weather leading up to the wedding miraculously turned to sunshine just in time for the wedding. The owner of the establishment, Mr. Donald Trump himself, made an appearance and had his photo taken with the surprised bride and groom. Another fantastic wedding... capturing moments of the day, making memories for a lifetime.

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